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Objective, as-needed Fee-Only financial planning and advice.

What is Financial Planning?
Financial planning is the process of organizing your finances and resources to ensure that you live within your means, protect and provide for yourself and your family, and enjoy a dignified retirement - free from insecurity or dependence on others. Most importantly, it's a process of taking control of your circumstances and achieving genuine financial peace of mind.

Why Plan? 
Because planning helps to ensure that you will achieve your most cherished lifetime financial objectives (and because failing to plan is an expensive alternative). Consider the following:
Independent research by the Consumer Federation of America found that Americans with financial plans accumulate twice the savings of those without, and that "Americans of all income levels are more comfortable, confident, and are making more progress toward their goals  --  if they have a financial roadmap."
Why Choose Landmark?
Because we help our clients make better financial decisions which improve the quality of their lives.
Here are three important reasons why we feel Landmark Financial is your best choice for professional financial planning and advice, and why we ask you to consider us:  
  1. We do more for you
  2. We treat your finances like our own
  3. We save you money
F We do more for you. Plenty of people call themselves "financial advisors." Few of them are genuine financial planners. There are important differences between financial advisors and financial planners, and what each is able to do for you. Financial advisors often limit their advice to some specific aspect of your financial situation, like managing your investments, for instance. Financial planners, by comparison, are broadly-skilled to deal with the entirety of your financial life. We are financial planners. 
F We treat your finances like our own. In a manner of speaking, we "eat our own cooking." We recommend to you the same approaches and services that we've found to be effective for our own planning and investing needs, and we help you to implement them in the same low-cost way. By working with us, you eliminate the need for expensive brokers, agents, and other advisors.
F We save you money. To be blunt, we believe there is a significant conflict of interest if an advisor stands to gain financially from any advice or recommendations you may follow. Unlike the majority of financial advisors and financial planning firms, we receive no commissions from the sale of products. Landmark Financial is a strictly Fee-Only financial planning and investment advisory firm, which means that we are compensated solely and directly by the client. Because we do not sell investments or insurance of any kind, we are able to maintain absolute objectivity and are completely free to help you implement your investment and insurance solutions in the most economical way possible, including the use of low-cost, "no-load" mutual funds and life insurance (where available).  
You Don't Have To Do It Yourself!
Whether you have a simple concern that requires an immediate, objective solution, or you are looking to transform your life through comprehensive financial planning, we can help you.

We know you'll find our approach to conflict-free financial planning and advice a refreshing alternative to pricey commission-based advisors and brokers. Please call us at 585-381-2390 to schedule a no-obligation Get Acquainted meeting. Thank you.

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