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Landmark in the News

Timothy M. Hayes and Landmark Financial: In the News
"Help people with small funds invest" by Timothy M. Hayes, Democrat and Chronicle (Rochester), September 22, 2018. Author.
"Nightmare for bonds ahead? How to explain it to clients" by Donald Jay Korn, Financial Planning, March 19, 2018. Quoted.
"Employees can set up their own retirement plans" by Timothy M. Hayes, Democrat and Chronicle (Rochester), February 11, 2018. Author.
"2018's Best & Worst States to Retire" by Richie Bernardo, WalletHub, January 16, 2018. Featured.
"Education Funding: A Grandparent's Primer to Pay for Education Expenses" by Sherrill St. Germaine, GuideVine, September 27, 2017. Quoted.
"7 Tips to Live Well on Social Security Alone" by Emily Brandon, U.S. News and World Report, October 12, 2016. Quoted.
"Help for small savers" by Timothy M. Hayes, Guest Essayist, Democrat and Chronicle (Rochester), March 19, 2016. Author.
"Social Security Savvy Still Pays" by Donald Jay Korn, Financial Planning, February 1, 2016. Featured.
"Health Savings Accounts Growing, Especially Among the Better Paid" by Ann Carrns, The New York Times, September 11, 2015. Quoted.

Your Money with Kent Smetters, SiriusXM 111 (syndicated radio), August 18, 2015. Featured guest.
"Hack My Debt! 'I Want to Pay Off $10,000 of Credit Card Debt in a Year'" by Alexis James, LearnVest, July 8,2015. Featured.
"529 College Savings Plans in a State of Evolution" by Ann Carrns, The New York Times, March 5, 2015. Quoted.
"Pensions' Return Assumptions Must Be More Realistic" by Timothy M. Hayes, Letters to the Editor, Wall Street Journal, December 9, 2014. Author.
"5 expenses you don't plan for, but should" by Catey Hill, MarketWatch, September 22, 2014. Quoted.
"Down to Business: Timothy Hayes Talks Landmark Financial Advisory Services" by Linda Barry, Brighton-Pittsford Post, September 26, 2013. Featured.
"15 Things You Need to Know About Financial Aid" by Ellen Cannon, GetRichSlowly.org, September 20, 2012. Featured.
"Financial Planners Offer Post College Advice" by Carlet Cleare, reporter, WXXI News/NPR (Rochester; radio), May 31, 2012. Featured.
"Kodakers' fear and panic are replaced by anger" by Steve Sink, editor, Democrat and Chronicle (Rochester), February 5, 2012. Quoted.
"EKRA Warns Kodak Retirees of Bad, Unsolicited Advice" by Angela Hong, reporter, 13WHAM News (ABC), January 20, 2012. Featured.
"Kodak retirees receive bad financial advice" by Timothy M. Hayes, The Wease Show (Fox 95.1 radio), January 20, 2012. Featured.

6 classic movies about holidays and money” by Dana Dratch, Bankrate.com, December 15, 2011. Quoted. 
"Reborn NAVA will focus on advisers and consumers" by Darla Mercado, InvestmentNews, July 26, 2009. Quoted.
"Accounting rule relaxation may loosen credit" by Timothy M. Hayes, Rochester (NY) Business Journal, May 1, 2009. Author.
"Advisers Mull Money Advice for Workers" by Kristen McNamara, WSJ.com (Dow Jones Newswires), April 14, 2009. Quoted.
"There is a sunny side to the economic street" by Timothy M. Hayes, Democrat and Chronicle (Rochester), March 22, 2009. Author.
"Super Bowl Surprise" by Timothy M. Hayes, Letters (to the Editor), Financial Planning, February 2009. Author.
“Bet on Boston Beer Company” by Bob Frick, Kiplinger.com, January 25, 2008. Quoted.
Net Gains: Get Money for College – Now!” by David McPherson, ABC News.com, January 9, 2008. Featured.
“21 ways to winterize your life” by Dana Dratch, Bankrate.com, November 12, 2007. Quoted.
“The best investment” by Dayna Papaleo, City Newspaper (Rochester), August 16-22, 2006. Featured.
“Investors Look to Import Safety: Funds Focused on Dividend-Paying Shares Meet Smoother Sailing” by Eleanor Laise, The Wall Street Journal (Weekend Edition), August 5 - 6, 2006. Contributor.
“Unconventional Wisdom: Zero-Coupon Bonds in a Taxable Account” by Timothy M. Hayes, NAPFA Planning Perspectives (newsletter), May 2006. Author
The Zallas: Willing Spirit, but Advice Was Weak (Extreme Money Makeovers)” by Janet Paskin, Money Magazine, February 2006. Featured.
“New year brings time to save: Experts offer ways to boost financial health” by Amy Wu, Democrat and Chronicle (Rochester), January 9, 2006. Quoted.
“Asset Allocation” by Timothy M. Hayes, Business Strategies, August 2005. Author.
“And the Nominees Are…”, Observer, Journal of Financial Planning, June 2005. Quoted.
“Understanding Your College Savings Alternatives: A Guide for Business Owners and Non-Business Owners Alike” by Timothy M. Hayes, Business Strategies, June 2005. Author.
“The ‘Truth’ About Social Security” by Timothy M. Hayes, Your Voice, Journal of Financial Planning, May 2005. Author.
“New York’s 529 plan has its advantages” by David Tyler, Democrat and Chronicle (Rochester), January 2005. Quoted.
When Beauty and Value Are in the Beholder’s Eyes” by Tim Gray, The New York Times, August 29, 2004. Quoted.
“Temptation” by David Drucker, Bloomberg Wealth Manager, July/August 2004. Quoted.
Just Give Me the Answer$, Sheryl Garrett and Marie Swift, Eds., Dearborn Trade Publishing, 2004. Contributor.
“Money talk before marriage” by Frank Bilovsky, Democrat and Chronicle (Rochester), June, 2004. Quoted.
Writing Your Strategy in Stone” by Mark Klimek, Business 2.0, May 2004. Quoted.
“Trusts can provide for tax-efficient estate planning” by Dana Dratch, Bankrate.com, March 2004. Quoted.
“10 tax-smart estate planning moves” by Dana Dratch, Bankrate.com, March 2004. Quoted.
“Annuities for Safety” by Rebecca McReynolds, Research Magazine, February 2004. Featured.
“Saving for College with New York’s 529 Plan” by Timothy M. Hayes, Genesee Valley Parent, October 2003. Author.
“Aligning Retirement Plan Design with Company Sales Incentives” by Timothy M. Hayes, Business Strategies, September 2003. Author.
“Saving for College” by Timothy M. Hayes, national webcast, Washingtonpost.com, July 2003. Featured guest.
“College expenses add up” by Nishad Majmudar, Democrat and Chronicle (Rochester), July 2003. Featured.
Your College Savings Answers (booklet), Credit Union National Association, Inc, 2003. Quoted.
“Paying for College: Crunch Time” by Jane Bennett Clark, Kiplinger’s Personal Finance, May 2003. Quoted.
“Advice for Sale” by Jeffrey R. Kosnett, Kiplinger’s Personal Finance, April 2003. Featured.
“Timothy Hayes on Ethics” by David J. Drucker, NAPFA Advisor, January 2003. Featured.
Tips from the Top: Targeted Advice from America’s Top Money Minds, Edie Milligan, Ed., Alpha Books, 2003. Contributor.
Enron Proof Your 401(k): Steps To Keep Your Money Safe, Crista Boyles, Twin Lion Books, 2003. Quoted.
“Graduation Day” by Cort Smith, Investment Advisor, November 2002. Featured.
“Investing in fixed income crucial for diversification” by Lori Gable, Rochester (NY) Business Journal, November 2002. Featured.
“College or bust?” by Chuck Radke, The (Fresno) Business Journal, September 2002. Featured.
“529 college plan causes stir” by Frank Bilovsky, Democrat and Chronicle (Rochester), September 2002. Featured.
“Time Can Help College Accounts” by Eileen Alt Powell, AP, Yahoo News, September 2002. Quoted.
“Learning Aids” by Cort Smith, Investment Advisor, August 2002. Quoted.
“Ratings Roundup” by Cort Smith, Investment Advisor, June 2002. Featured.
“Shopping for Financial Services: Comparing the Costs” by Timothy M. Hayes, Rochester Woman, April 2002. Author.
“Money manager targets middle-income people” by Beth Emley, Brighton-Pittsford Post (NY), November 2001. Featured.
“International Investing: Opportunity in An Ailing Market?” by Shelley A. Lee, Journal of Financial Planning, October 2001. Featured.

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